Two people die in avalanche

Sat, 27. Jan. 2018

Heavy precipitation over the last days and weeks raised the risk of avalanches to a 4 on the northern side of the Alps and to a 5, the highest number on the scale of the Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research, in wide parts of the Valais and the Grisons.

It is an “extraordinary avalanche situation”, they report on their website.

The road over the Pillon was still closed at the time the magazine went to print. The local measuring station on the Oberer Meiel showed 3.3 metres of snow, 66cm of which came down within 24 hours from
21–22 January.

Two people died in an avalanche on a tour in the region Seechäle over that weekend. Another person got caught by an avalanche in the Chaltebrunnetal as she was snowboarding off-piste. She could be rescued and got away with a few bruises.

Winter sport enthusiasts should consult the avalanche situation and are strongly advised not to leave the ski runs in the current snow conditions. Even unimpressive flanks can bear dangers.  In the worst case, they might involve others in an incident.

Markus Iseli / AvS



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