The Gstaad Menuhin Festival Reaches Out to the Young

Fri, 18. Aug. 2017

Under the new label “Discovery”, the Gstaad Menuhin Festival provides  range of offers for children and adolescents. The visual appearance is sure to attract the gazes of the target audience. Emojis are singing, smiling and sending kisses from the purple mountains, the main visual element of the festival.


Thu, 17. Aug. 2017

The four profile interviews this summer explore different perspectives of innovation and sustainability in the Gstaad region. Bernhard Tschannen is CEO of Glacier 3000, which celebrates the anniversary of an innovative and sustainable event.

Improved Dairy Cooperation

Wed, 16. Aug. 2017

Focusing on consolidating their facilities, the milk processing cooperative in Saanen took on a new space last autumn. The expanded milk production centre allows for ice cream production, cheese processing, and milk collection all under one roof.

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"Red tape will often get in your way. It’s one of the reasons I carry scissors." So says Sir Richard Branson, serial entrepreneur and businessman.

By Anna Charles