Mon, 18. Dec. 2017

Last year it was hard to warm up to skiing and Christmas – and to winter as a whole, really. It was simply too warm to warm up to the whole shebang.

It started out with a big white promise in November, which was blown away by a warm southerly wind in no time. I would have left my skis in the shed, had it not been for my son.

The view from the Saanersloch gondola was a nightmare. This year, it's all different, or so it seemed until a few days ago. Everything was covered in snow. With such a beautifully white powdered landscape, one forgives the stinging wind against the cheeks, the skiddy driveway that needs to be cleared early in the morning, and impossible road conditions. I might even enjoy buying Christmas presents.

The weather has been capricious over the past week with intermittent rain and snow. I really hope you are surrounded by snow when reading this, the air crisp and clear because the festive season is so much more festive with a white cover.

It must be the coulour of magic.


Best regards,

Markus Iseli

Publishing Director


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