La Braye Set to Open in December

Wed, 01. Nov. 2017

The cable car La Braye in Château-d'Oex was closed in the summer due to financial difficulties, but it will now open just in time for the winter season.

In spring 2017, La Braye announced that it would be closed for the summer. The reason was that the municipality of Château-d'Oex and the canton of Vaud had withdrawn financial support. As a result, the board of directors presented the "Edelweiss" concept, which provided for the long-term safeguarding of La Braye, for which an investment program of CHF 11.5 million would be needed.

While the total amount has not been raised as of yet, new chairman of the board Didier Morier took up the idea of ​​a sponsorship in order to keep the lift open this winter. Around 30 people worked together to secure CHF 10,000 each for winter operation, made up mainly of second homeowners and business people from the region. Thus, La Braye can, if the snow and weather conditions allow, open on 16 December. This is a test phase and only the bare essentials will be invested, but at least the lift will remain operational.

There is also a new pricing policy: A seasonal subscription is offered for CHF 99 per adult. La Braye is a member of a network of 25 ski resorts in French-speaking Switzerland and Valais, which issue a joint subscription call the Magic Pass.

The ultimate aim is to extend the concession of La Braye, which expires in 2018, in order to promote a four-season tourism and secure the sustainable operation of the lift.

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