Ensohag Completes Wood Chip Warehouse

Wed, 15. Nov. 2017

In April, construction began on the new warehouse of Energieholz AG Saanenland (Enhosag) after a ground-breaking ceremony. Now, the unit, which houses all wood for the district heating of the EBL, Elektra Baselland AG, has been completed.

Enhosag supplies not only the EBL, but also other customers with wood chips, which come mainly from the Saanenland. 

"The chips are already stored for winter consumption in the new unit," said Heinz Brand, President, Enhosag, upon request.

In total, approximately 14 000 m³ of wood chips are stored. With dry storage, the water content is reduced to about 30%, thus increasing the quality and calorific value of the wood.

The project will continue to see improvments, and according to Brand, the cost of the CHF 2.2 million construction remains within the scope of the estimate.


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