Ground-Breaking Ceremony for the New Saanersloch Cable Car

Wed, 11. Oct. 2017

The 29m project at the Saanersloch has officially begun. For the winter season 2018/19, the new cable car should be ready and take 2000 people per hour on top of the mountain.

Representatives of the supervisory board, the management of the BDG, the project management, the city councils, the local ski schools, the contractors, and the land owners met for a ride up the mountain in the old cable car.

Both in terms of technology and design, the new cable car will be state-of-the-art. The gondolas have a capacity of ten people and will be moving with a minimum of noise along the new cables. The station in the valley and the middle station will keep their current location, while the mountain station will be slightly moved. The new system will only need 16 pillars compared with the 29 pillars of the current system.

The design is bold, with a large glass-covered part of the building projecting over the entrance of the gondolas. The overall impression still blends with the typical local chalet style. Large window fronts, open spaces, and bright colours, the station should mostly be able to operate with daylight.

Even though the project still takes months to finish a slight sense of nostalgia could be felt on the way back down in the old gondolas.

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