Summary of Municipal Assembly Decisions

Mon, 25. Sep. 2017

At the municipal assembly last week, 99 voters—just 2.33% of the voting population—decided on three agenda items.

They approved the amendment of the parking management regulations, the modification of the design plan for the renewal of the Gstaad Palace personnel building, and the Hugelimatt and Sonnenstrasse road.

The parking management regulations, which were much debated in the run-up to the assembly, did not provoke much debate at the assembly. A change devised by a broad-based group was up for approval concerning the regulations adopted last spring. A common solution could be found mainly because the Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad AG had a compromise. Starting from this coming winter, it will refrain from a fixed daily flat rate in individual parking spaces and introduce a graded tariff system. This measure passed with only five no votes and one abstention.

The development of Sonnenstrasse is controversial, as financing has planned for the municipality to pay 50% of the nearly CHF 1.5 million budget, while the other half is to be borne by the Weggenossenschaften Sonnenstrasse (80%) and Hugelimattstrasse (20%). The share of Hugelimattstrasse met with incomprehension, as one of the public stated, "The residents of Hugelimattstrasse are making their street available and in return they have to pay a share of around 146,000 francs." Therese Mösching explained that the costs were due to a lowering of the road at the turn, which the municipality claims must be done anyway because of a new building on the Hugelimattstrasse and serves not only for the connection of the two streets. With 28 votes to 13 no votes and many abstentions, the credit as well as the distribution plan was approved.

The Gstaad Palace plans to destroy and rebuild the existing "Marmite" personnel house. Therefore the current design plan No. 4 has to be adapted with special building regulations, which voters unanimously approved. 


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