National Pleasure Week on the Wasserngrat

Fri, 29. Sep. 2017

The "Best of the Region" association is committed to the importance of regional products and craftsmanship for their production line. Last week, the group organised the annual "Genusswoche", National Pleasure Week, with the Wasserngrat added to the exposition list.

In recent years the Wasserngrat has been listed in the Journal der Genusswochen, and guests could visit the mountain lodge individually. This year, the Wasserngrat did something slightly different—three companies banded together and presented a "Best of the Region" event.

After the steep mountain ride, guests could enjoy the large lodge while settled on cosy straw bales and breathtaking view. Guests filled their plates with cheese varieties from both sides of the Röstigraben and enjoyed a glass of wine while the Ländlerkapelle sang as the night’s entertainment. Another highlight was the Taste Savings Course, where one had to guess the smell of spices.



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