Innovation and Sustainability

Fri, 25. Aug. 2017

Letter from the Editor

The profile interviews of this season were all conducted in the light of innovation and sustainability.

What makes a region like ours unique and strong? What does it take to keep it healthy and prosperous?Which ways will lead into a future that’s promising for the land and the people who live in and off it?

We certainly couldn’t offer the answer to any of these questions.

What we hope we achieved, was to trigger your own thoughts and provide input for discussion – and discussion is dearly needed.

Questions must be asked and answers must be found if a region is not to stagnate.

Our interviewees gave their own interpretation of innovation and sustainability, their opinion of what the region needs, and what can be done to keep moving forwards. The variety in our profiles shows that there is no silver bullet. It all comes down to individuals, groups and the general public who care and are willing to get involved for a region.


Best regards,

Markus Iseli,

Publishing Director

Cover Photo: Takumi Furuichi


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