Successful Season for SAC Mountain Huts

Thu, 18. May. 2017

Despite precarious conditions last winter, the SAC mountain huts in the Oldenhorn section had a successful season.

“Both the Gelten and the Wildhornhütte had a positive balance at the end of the ski season,” says Ruedi Hahl, hut manager.

The Geltenhütte has 84 beds and boasted a total of 400 overnight stays, while the Wildhornhütte, with 96 beds, was able to break the 1000 overnight stay mark.

This discrepancy in totals can be attributed to the face that the Geltenhütte is difficult to access, demanding an ascent on skis from Lake Lauenen. Because of mild weather this past winter, snow melted unusually early in the Pre-Alps.

Higher-situated routes to the Wildhorn and Wildstrubel reaped a benefit however, because of the ideal snow conditions. The only downside, according to Ruedi, was that in March and April, the weather was often only good on the weekends.


The Gelten and the Wildhornhütte were closed at the end of the winter season and will reopen on 22 June. From that time until early October, they will be staffed continuously. The Grubenberghütte is one of the first huts to open for the summer season, and will hoist its flags shortly. 

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