Tempo 30 Project Debuts in Schönried

Mon, 13. Feb. 2017

Schönried is taking Gstaad’s motto – Come up, Slow down – literally, as plans for the village to be transformed into a 30 km an hour zone are under consideration.

There are two main reasons behind the Tempo 30 project. First, Markus Wyss, of Bern’s cantonal civil engineering department, has stated that times have changed and road planning does not revolve only around vehicles. Today, bicyclists and pedestrians and their individual needs have a role in infrastructure.

Second, according to René Wüthrich, project manager of road construction, civil engineering department, Bern, there are serious safety problems on Schönried’s Kantonsstrasse – operational deficiencies and also security deficiencies. This includes insufficient visibility at exits and junctions, pedestrian crossing challenges, particularly in the eastern section of the village, and missing sidewalks.



This is a very good idea. It could be made even slower to, say, 20kph. Every time I drive through the village it seems there is a big truck about 10cms from my bumper trying to zoom through - it's frightening to see little children in ski boots walking along icy pavements just next to this very busy road with huge trucks flying by at well above even 50kph.

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