Expat adventures

Tue, 11. Sep. 2018

When I was young we washed out milk bottles, donated aluminum cans to charity appeals and enthusiastically returned fizzy pop bottles to shopkeepers, earning 5p-per-bottle deposits as a nifty way to top up our weekly pocket money allowances.


Issue 6|2018 Editorial: What a Summer!

Fri, 24. Aug. 2018

It's already time for the last issue of this summer. And what a summer it was! 2018 saw the period between April and July with the least precipitation in the last 100 years. Record temperatures made a bad situation worse.


Expat adventures

Thu, 23. Aug. 2018

When my middle son was about eight, he went through a period of telling mother-in-law jokes. He had no idea what a mother-in-law was, but enjoyed the audience reaction as he recited one Les Dawson joke after another. Little did I know I’d soon have a mother-in-law story of my own.

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