A diamond for every occasion

Wed, 18. Sep. 2019

Graff is known for exceptional diamonds and outstanding jewellery. With the Every Day Diamonds collection Graff created diamond jewellery that can be worn any time, anywhere. The diamonds are distilled into every day jewels to be layered, mixed and matched.


It’s that time of the month again

Tue, 30. Jul. 2019

Thinking of booking an appointment for the hairdresser, or planning on trimming your nails? Have you recently decided to dig a well? If you live in the Saanenland, and don’t want to leave things to chance, you may want to check the current lunar phase of the synodic month.


It’s not for drinking…

Mon, 08. Jul. 2019

Since June is the month of the spring Züglete, when the cows climb to the high alps for their summer forage, it’s an apropos time to relate a personal story about my first encounter with the Saanenland’s mystical remedy, Märzenwasser.

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New Eggli cable car facility to open soon

As planned, the new Eggli cable car will open on 20 December and the inauguration will take place on 21 December. However, the mountain restaurant will open during the winter of 2020/21. In the meantime, an unusual catering service will bridge the gap and the Snoasis is also open.