What a sad story ... way back, the rush, first floor, packed, with proper table setting, boeuf stroganoff was the favorite. Downstairs, the real fireplace and real raclette, a bit of crackling crust with each serving. No hideous electric contraption on the table. Oh well, times change. When I read management, director, board, representatives etc. I shudder. No mistake, they will be all well meaning and I hope the best, but making money? And with all and sundry dabbling, how to run the place, probably everyone demanding their favorite dish on the menu? Are none of the experienced Gastro professionals in the Saanenland interested? The way he/she wants it. With realistic expectation, no return expectation for 2 - 3 years, to build it up?



Real Estate




New bridge

Some readers may still remember when the old bridge was built in 1967. It had to be renovated for the first time in 1981. A recent inspection showed that it was in a bad condition. Only part of the old foundation could be reused for the new bridge.