Samichlous is Coming to Town

Fri, 08. Dec. 2017

Samichlous visited the Saanenland on 6 December, bringing all children a fine chlousäckli, a little bag of treats. Samichlous arrived with Schmutzli on a donkey, and stayed in the group of eager children who had gathered, letting them fawn over him. 


Famous Fondue Caquelon Returns

Mon, 13. Nov. 2017

The large wooden caquelon that spent the summer as a regional ambassador in the Museum Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt is now back home. On the 7 November it was inaugurated into the cheese grotto in Gstaad, the newest of the grotto's three caquelons. 

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Two people die in avalanche

Heavy precipitation over the last days and weeks raised the risk of avalanches to a 4 on the northern side of the Alps and to a 5, the highest number on the scale of the Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research, in wide parts of the Valais and the Grisons.