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Thu, 17. Aug. 2017

The four profile interviews this summer explore different perspectives of innovation and sustainability in the Gstaad region. Bernhard Tschannen is CEO of Glacier 3000, which celebrates the anniversary of an innovative and sustainable event.

After the Tennis Comes the Polo

Sat, 12. Aug. 2017

The Hublot Polo Gold Cup is one of the most prestigious sports events for one of the most illustrious crowds, but it’s not just that. Over two decades this competition on horseback has been taking place on the airfield of Saanen and Pierre E. Genecand has been presiding the event for over a decade now. 2017 marks the 22nd edition, the 12th under Genecand.

A Sight to See

Wed, 02. Aug. 2017

It’s not everyday that you come across a giant caquelon (fondue pot) in the mountains, and it’s not just for show. You can actually sit in one, eating fondue whilst enjoying spectacular local views. These eccentric caquelons have become well known and loved locally, whilst also gaining some notoriety abroad.

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