Innovation and Sustainability

Fri, 25. Aug. 2017

Letter from the Editor

The profile interviews of this season were all conducted in the light of innovation and sustainability.

What makes a region like ours unique and strong? What does it take to keep it healthy and prosperous?Which ways will lead into a future that’s promising for the land and the people who live in and off it?


Expat Adventures

Thu, 24. Aug. 2017

I remember the day well. It was not long after we had arrived in Gstaad. My husband was at home with the children and I was travelling on a business trip. We were talking on a decidedly dodgy Skype connection.


Expat Adventures

Thu, 03. Aug. 2017

"Red tape will often get in your way. It’s one of the reasons I carry scissors." So says Sir Richard Branson, serial entrepreneur and businessman.

By Anna Charles

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Real Estate




Wealthy Residents No Longer Protected from Scrutiny

The municipality of Saanen is being forced to disclose the tax data of several wealthy residents requested by Bernese SP (Social Democrat)-National Councillor Margret Kiener Nellen, the Federal Court in Lausanne has decided.