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Improved Dairy Cooperation

Wed, 16. Aug. 2017

Focusing on consolidating their facilities, the milk processing cooperative in Saanen took on a new space last autumn. The expanded milk production centre allows for ice cream production, cheese processing, and milk collection all under one roof.

Hotel Solsana Is to Be Sold

Thu, 10. Aug. 2017

Hotel Solsana is up for sale, as the owner association struggles with the high costs of operation in the Saanenland. The hotel belongs to the Swiss Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired. It is fitted for the visually impaired, and had staff trained to assist such guests.

Early Beck Takes Over Brotbar

Thu, 10. Aug. 2017

Expanding its baked goods empire, Early Beck will take over Brotbar at the end of August 2017. Early Beck, the Saanenland’s biggest chain bakery, has outlets across the region and into the neighbouring area of the Pays-d’Enhaut. Early Beck will rent the shop from owner Heinz Brand and the shop will keep its doors open without interruption.

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