Ephemeral Shape for Eternal Beauty

Wed, 08. Mar. 2017

It’s not the first time Graff uses the shape of the volatile butterfly to set their diamonds. This time, the butterfly takes a more central and dominant role than previously, though, and almost lets you forget what you are actually wearing.

Legends Party for Innocence in Danger

Fri, 03. Mar. 2017

This year the Swiss non-profit Innocence in Danger took their annual fundraiser up the mountain to the top of the Wasserngrat. The "Legends Party", co-sponsored by Crédit Suisse and three anonymous donors, kicked off with a rock’n’roll greeting at the bottom of the ski lift and carried on up the mountain.

New Days, Olden Ways

Thu, 16. Feb. 2017

Like in the olden days, in the morning I go shopping with my basket, filled with a bottle of fresh milk and warm croissants. After a fine day on the slopes I arrive on skis at the garden of Chalet Dorfflue, constructed with antique boiserie. My days are filled with off-piste skiing, hockey, and ice skating on Launeensee in this winter. Life is a wonder.

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Les Arts Gstaad to Release Updated Dossier

A second version of the combined plans for Les Arts Gstaad will soon be released to the public. The revamped dossier comes after the Les Arts Gstaad council and the municipality of Saanen joined the projects’s three portions—construction of the centre, expansion of the station, and installation of a tunnel—to accelerate authorisation procedures.