All Things Cheese

Tue, 15. Aug. 2017

Gstaad offers a host of summer activities ranging from hiking, swimming in mountain lakes plus child friendly distractions. In between it might just be necessary to take a break and enjoy some light-ish relief. Cheese is at the heart of the Saanenland with traditional cheese making beginning in the 1500s.

Sewing Thread and Paint Brush

Wed, 09. Aug. 2017

For those who say you can’t do it all, one thing is certain – they haven't met Maryam Owji. This multi talented designer, artist, painter, sculptor, and couturier has just made a life-changing move to the Saanenland, where her artwork is adding a fresh infusion of Persian-inspired design to the region’s buzzing art scene.


Gstaad Yacht Club Teams with William Winran

Mon, 10. Jul. 2017

What have the Swiss Alps to do with the worldwide oceans? This and other questions were answered by William Winram, IUCN Oceans Ambassador, Ocean Explorer and Deepblu Brand Ambassador in a first-time presentation to a total of 60 students from 7th to 9th grade of the Volksschule, Zweisimmen, in collaboration with the Gstaad Yacht Club.

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