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The Gstaad Menuhin Festival Reaches Out to the Young

Fri, 18. Aug. 2017

Under the new label “Discovery”, the Gstaad Menuhin Festival provides  range of offers for children and adolescents. The visual appearance is sure to attract the gazes of the target audience. Emojis are singing, smiling and sending kisses from the purple mountains, the main visual element of the festival.

Sewing Thread and Paint Brush

Wed, 09. Aug. 2017

For those who say you can’t do it all, one thing is certain – they haven't met Maryam Owji. This multi talented designer, artist, painter, sculptor, and couturier has just made a life-changing move to the Saanenland, where her artwork is adding a fresh infusion of Persian-inspired design to the region’s buzzing art scene.


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