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Inspiration at Open Spaces Gallery Feutersoey

Tue, 02. Jan. 2018

Open Spaces is an art centre in Feutersoey that houses a select few artists for three month periods, allowing them to create a temporary home to work and display their art for all to see, as well as pieces they are in the process of completing.


Very Gstaad

Sat, 30. Dec. 2017

Oliver Preston is launching his new book Off Piste. He once more takes what’s most typical about Gstaad and presents it through a satirical lens.


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Operas and Live Ballets at Ciné-Theater Gstaad

Besides its varied programme throughout the year with all the latest movies, Ciné-Theater Gstaad offers an option for first-rate entertainment: the most beautiful operas and breathtaking ballets broadcast live via satellite from London. Highest picture and sound quality is guaranteed.